On your Bike on The Dingle Peninsula – Discover the Undiscovered Peninsula

Bike-HireOne of the best holidays I have had on The Dingle Peninsula was on my bike.  It is so easy to get on and  off, park it up, have a look at a sight take a picture and move on.  In need of a rest , find a nice flat rock to sit on, or a nice carpet of  grasses.  Just you and Mother Nature!

The Dingle Peninsula is world famous for its scenery and rightly so.The majestic, Brandon Mountains tower over river valleys. The dramatic coastline provides shelter for beautiful beaches, from small little piers like Dúinín and Brandon Creek, where the Naomhóg can still be seen to bigger sandier beaches all along the coast.

It is the archaeologist’s dream with literally hundreds of early settlement remains dating from Neolithic times.   Some of the best known of these site are Gallarus Oratory and Kilmalkeder, within a 3 mile radius of us here at Gorman’s.  In the same area is Cathair Deargan Ring forts, a great example of early homesteads used by the ruling class.

The very best way to appreciate all this is on a bicycle.  While you have sufficient speed to cover a large area comfortably, you don’t whizz by at forty miles an hour, missing the minutiae of hedgerows teeming with wild life, or the subtlety of the ever changing light and spectacular cloud formation.  On a bike you are not just looking at the scenery – you are in it!

I started renting bikes here in 1980. I grew up on a bike.  My father and grandfather raced.  So bikes and cycling have always been a part of our lives.  We rent good solid mountain bikes, well able for the roads. Nowadays we include a helmet for safety.  You get on your bike and you are right in the scenery.  The Atlantic Ocean to the west of you and Mount Brandon to the East.  Within a 4 miles radius you have beaches, small natural harbours, archaeological sites, hedgerows, birds.  You pass small farms and hamlets, right in the heart of the Kerry Gaeltacht known as Corca Dhuibhne.  We will salute you as you pass, salute back and maybe try your hand at a little Irish ‘Conas tá tú (kunis taw too)  – How are you’.  Answer ‘Thar Barr (har bawr) – Couldn’t be better’!

Enjoy your time with Mother Nature and let The Dingle Peninsula work it’s magic on you