Live The Dream



This was our dream … to live, work and raise our children in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And not just to live here, but to share it with visitors. An open door and a fire on the hearth are central to the Gaeltacht tradition which is part of Gorman’s inheritance. Sharing and enjoying that tradition was part of the dream with which we began. And some things never change. Even today, with the Wild Atlantic Way, the excitement of Star Wars and a season that lasts almost all year round, hospitality is still what we’re all about.

Looking back, nearly forty years after we opened, I can hardly believe what a wonderful journey it’s been. So many visitors … so many new friends. The French woman who saw a photo of our front garden online and dreamed of sleeping here, in our home, and waking up to the wild Atlantic waves. The two sisters from Japan, who had very little English, but managed to tell me how much they’d wanted to visit a place where the Celtic spirit would renew their own spirit and strength.   The families, from Europe,  America , all over – who came once and couldn’t wait to come back, many of whom have kept in touch through the years and seem part of the family.  Hikers from all parts of the world, coming in after a day on The Dingle way or climbing Mount Brandon.

So yes, it was a place for our children to grow up, to watching us, their parents fulfil our dreams and, more importantly, to create their own.

And that’s what’s happened. We’ve made Gorman’s Clifftop House one of the best guesthouses and restaurants in Ireland. We’ve raised three children and are now enchanted by a gorgeous grandchild. This is the perfect place to live and work. There’s glorious air, fresh produce, freedom to roam though beautiful scenery, and the support of a community steeped in traditions which encourage confidence and creativity. Now our children have gone out into the world to make their own dreams, and the time has come for Vincent and me to move on.

In the last couple of years the growth in tourism and the extension of the season, has been huge, like nothing we have ever experienced in nearly 4 decades.  It is time for someone new to ‘Live The Dream’.

So ‘Gorman’s’ is up for sale – a thriving business which has welcomed visitors in all weathers and seasons, or a wonderful home where another family can live a new dream. Whatever your plans, it is a wonderful house in an amazing place.  Click to see DNG Advert


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