Our Roots

Seven generations of the Gorman family have farmed and fished here under huge, changing skies, between the towering bulk of Mount Brandon and the westernmost horizon in Europe.

Here at the extreme end of the Dingle peninsula the ancient Celt′s tradition of hospitality to strangers is deep-rooted. Irish, or Gaelic, is still the language of daily life. And the English that everyone speaks as well is full of echoes of the older, more poetic tongue.

In this area we have long memories. And memories, stories and images are treasured links with past generations that fished, sowed, harvested, and shared the richness still to be found here.

The people you′ll meet here still value hospitality, our heritage of music, song, native language, local food and produce, and the intense beauty of the earth, sea and sky that surround us.


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