Standing at the western end of the peninsula, between Mount Brandon and the Atlantic Ocean, Gorman′s Clifftop house is a fantastic centre for a walking holiday. Whether you want a day′s trek or an easy stroll, just pull on your boots and walk out the door.

Ireland′s Dingle peninsula is the westernmost point in continental Europe. Stretching forty miles from Tralee to Slea Head, it narrows to ten miles wide at its western end, beyond the little fishing port of Dingle. Its mountainous spine is dominated by the majestic peak of Mount Brandon, which is 3,130 feet high and surrounded by awesome glacial features and lakes.

You′ll need to make sure you have suitable clothing and take local advice on the weather before setting out for a walk. Ireland has a maritime climate influenced by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream,

and lies in the path of prevailing southwesterly winds from the Atlantic. So the peninsula′s a place of constantly changing light, high clouds, green fields, and sudden changes in the weather. Even in summer, mist can roll down the mountains, and along the little winding roads, and bursts of rain are followed moments later by sunshine and rainbows.

Scarlet fuchsias and orange montbretia line the roadsides from June to September. In spring and autumn the landscape glows with softer colours – pale yellow primroses, golden furze, purple heather, and the silvery-grey colours of lichen on stone.

Whatever the season, this is the perfect place to take a walking holiday. Our spring and summer guests often return to Gorman′s later in the year for relaxing days, bracing walks, the best of food and hospitality, and hot whiskey by the turf fire on blustery winter nights.


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